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Breakfast & After School Clubs 

Breakfast and After School Club Logo

Pavilion strives to puts the needs of children and the families in our community over profit. Pavilion is underpinned by the core principals of:

  • Respect and Team work,

  • Care and Nurture,

  • Adventure and Imagination,

  • Growth and Independence,

  • Playfulness and Creativity.

The launch of Breakfast and Afterschool Club is a natural extension of the philosophy of the Pavilion family. Giving our community of parents and carers a safe and affordable location for wrap around  care for children aged 5-11. A limited number of places will be available for enrolled preschool children who are aged 3 and over.

Club is a place to relax and unwind before or after a long school day. A place to be with siblings and friends. To share a story, chat about the day, play some games, be creative, relax in the garden or read a book. Our experienced club team are on hand to support and care for children. Club children quickly become part of the Pavilion family and are expected to care and respect the preschool environment.

Afterschool Children are collected from either Sudley Infant or Sudley Junior school and walk safely back to Pavilion. A healthy snack is available at Breakfast and Afterschool Club. Last pick up is 17:45pm. (A late collection fee will be charged if collection is made after this time.) Breakfast Club will be open from 07:45. Children will walk to Sudley Infants or Sudley Juniors with a member of staff who will ensure they arrive before the bell goes. 

Children can relax and play together in an environment that cherishes kindness and positivity supported by an experienced and dedicated staff team.

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