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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Our Philosphy

Children are at the heart of everything we do at Pavilion. We believe that children learn and develop best through play. Therefore we aim to provide a safe stimulating environment, where children are encouraged to reach their full potential. An inclusive environment is at the heart of our practice where every child is welcome and their needs met.

Care and Nurture

Respect and Teamwork

Freedom and Honesty

Joy and Enthusiasm

Growth and Independence

Playfulness and Creativity

Adventure and Imagination

Learning Together


At Pavilion we welcome all children, we actively encourage an inclusive environment. Our staff and SENDCo work together with parents, schools and other outside agencies to assess, plan and deliver play opportunities to meet each child’s individual needs.


Positive behaviour is modelled and encouraged at Pavilion. Staff reduce the use of negative language and take time to explain why certain types of behaviour may not be appropriate. Children are challenged to make good choices and are encouraged to think about how their actions may affect others. We recognise that at times, a child’s behaviour may become challenging. We will work with Parents to develop a plan to encourage positive behaviour. If required, we will request help from outside agencies and introduce actions based on their advice.


We recognise that English may not be the language spoken within a child’s home. At Pavilion we celebrate this and work with parents to include the home language in our day to day practice.

Staying Healthy

At Pavilion we recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We promote this through physical play with daily access to our outdoor space. Healthy eating is encouraged. We aim to provide foods low in salt, sugar and fats. Fruit,  milk  and water are always available. Allergies and dietary requirements are taken into account. Staff are trained in food handling and have undertaken allergy training.


Keeping children safe is always our main priority and is at the heart of everything we do. Staff regularly access training and update and reflect on their practice. We have robust risk assessments in place. A Designated Safeguarding Lead is always present during sessions.

Mental Health

Children are encouraged to talk and explore their feelings throughout the setting. Staff plan for emotional regulation through play modelling, discussion and story. Small enclosed spaces are available for children to retreat to. 

Our Code of Conduct

(As chosen by our children)

Kind words

Kind hands

Listen to each other

Help each other

Share with each other


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