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SENDCo stands for Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator and they have a legal duty to follow the SEND code of practice. This is crucial for early year’s settings in supporting early identification and intervention for children with special educational needs and will be a useful contact for parents if they were to have any concerns about their child’s development.


The role of the SENDCo involves ensuring all practitioners in the preschool understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and the preschool’s approach to identifying any additional needs and meeting the SEND Code of practice.

The role also includes:

  • Advising and supporting colleagues

  • Ensuring parents are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the preschool

  • Liaising with professionals or agencies beyond preschool

  • Ensuring a smooth onward transition and planning for moving on to school for preschool children

Pavilion’s SENDCo representatives are our Preschool Manager, Karen Nicholson and Early Years Practitioner, Sam Peats who together bring a high level of expertise to the role and work closely with the full management team and staff to ensure the individual needs of all children are met. 

To contact our SENDCo team please email:

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