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Care and Education

At Pavilion, children have the opportunity to grow within a caring, secure and stimulating environment. Our staff are dedicated to meeting children in their own world and helping them to make sense of the environment around them. We offer space and time for children to explore and discover, providing opportunities for children to take controlled and calculated ‘risks’.

Painting with friends

Our children come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and beliefs and this is reflected in our respect for each individual child and the way in which the preschool is managed. We praise and encourage each child to develop self-esteem within an atmosphere where they feel secure, valued and loved.  We want our children to be confident and develop a sense of achievement through exploration, discovery and inquiry. Learning is promoted through experiences that are pleasurable and rewarding.

Children participate in a range of activities that take account their developing physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities.  Children are encouraged to think and talk about their learning and develop self-control and independence.  There are appropriate periods of time for learning through sustained involvement in concentrated activity.  Our children are encouraged to establish effective relationships with peers, adults and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

We encourage an interest in learning by providing varied activities and having a range of toys and equipment available for children to choose from.  Self-help and social skills are developed through adult interaction and support.  Children are encouraged to discuss their experiences and activities undertaken at the centre.  Practitioners will observe and assess children following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


To find out more about our curriculum offer read our handy guide to life at Pavilion.

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