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About Delyth

B.Ed Hons, BTEC Nursery Nurse

Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer as part of Safeguarding Team, PANCO, First Aider and Food Hygiene.

I have worked at Pavilion since 2013. Prior to that I was a teacher, having accumulated a total of 20 years of experience in early years education. I am dedicated to the principle that a positive, nurturing, caring and team-based approach to education in the very early years shapes a child’s whole education and starts it off in the right direction – I have always loved being right at the very heart of this process.

At home I have two teenagers, a daughter and a son. My son has significant additional social and medical needs this has given me a deep and sometimes painful understanding of some of the issues families have to face. I am proud that within Pavilion we aim to be inclusive and are committed to help each child develop in their own way.

Latterly I have come to realise that in order to achieve truly excellent outcomes, the individually excellent aspects of Pavilion’s work have to be coordinated and organised – and this led me to look towards management. I enjoy the challenge of piecing together our resources to get the best possible outcomes. In particular, I have responsibility for overseeing the different learning areas in our setting and there’s nothing that thrills me more than seeing a child become immersed in something and enjoying learning almost as if they’re discovering it for themselves. As part of the Management team at Pavilion, I am here to listen and help parents and staff alike and to value their input.

Lastly, although I’ve lived in Liverpool for more than 20 years, my heart has always belonged to Wales. So, don’t be surprised if your children pick up a few words and phrases in Welsh to help you on your holidays!

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