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Physical Development

Both fine and gross motor skills are prompted throughout Pavilion. Children's fine and gross motor skills are promoted through:

Mark making opportunities throughout the setting

Opportunities to pour, fill, mix, stir etc

Tweezers and tongs


Opportunities to use tools in foam and other materials

Paint and creative tools available inside and outdoors

Threading, jigsaws, books

Scissors are available in certain areas and scissor skills are included in our planning

Digging activities are easily accessible 

Dough and malleable materials are set out each day

Children are encouraged to be independent at snack times

Daily access to outdoor provision which includes ball skills, bikes, climbing etc

Activities that develop the skills of running etc are sometimes planned for e.g. obstacle course

Staff will assess children's gross motor skills

Self help skills are promoted with staff encouraging children to become independent

Construction materials are available inside and outdoors


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